Online psychologist Lana Hall can teach you practical ways to manage anxious feelings and develop positive thinking patterns – so you can feel better about being you!

Lana's online psychology sessions can help you manage anxious feelings

Online psychology sessions can help you in various ways. Changes you might experience include:

  • Better ability to cope with new situations
  • Feeling calm and relaxed much more often
  • Reduced tension and feelings of anger/irritability
  • Improved ability to make decisions and cope with change
  • Learning how to step outside your comfort zone when needed
  • Calmer and clearer thoughts rather than a racing mind
  • Improved ability to manage negative emotions
  • Feeling like you have more control of your body and mind.

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Feel like your thoughts are out of control?
Struggling with worry or overwhelm?
It could be anxiety.
Online psychologist Lana Hall can help you manage anxious thoughts and feelings.

Online Anxiety Counselling at Sage & Sound

Do you constantly overthink every little detail?
Spend a lot of time worrying, especially during the night?
Can’t seem to concentrate or focus?

You may be struggling with anxiety.
Lana’s online psychology sessions offer practical strategies and a helping hand to get you feeling good again.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety starts when your mind tells your body ‘Something’s wrong here’. This can happen when you expect a bad outcome, worry what others think, or have thoughts like ‘I couldn’t cope with that!’

Thoughts like these trigger your body’s fight/flight/freeze response – which is helpful if you’re in a life or death situation! But when you’re not, those physical changes make you feel uncomfortable. This can trigger more thoughts of being unable to cope, creating an anxiety spiral.

Anxiety affects many people at some point in their lives, but when it starts affecting your everyday life, it’s time to seek counselling support.

Learn more about common anxiety symptoms and the types of anxiety here

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Lana offers online sessions via video-link to help you manage anxiety.

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