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13 telltale signs of depression that you may have missed

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Depression can be sneaky – slowly eroding your confidence and enjoyment of life in a whole variety of ways. And unlike what many people believe, you don’t need to be feeling ‘sad’ to develop a depressive disorder.

Wondering if you may have depression? Check in with yourself and see how many of these symptoms feel familiar.

Mental/Emotional Symptoms

  • Feeling guilty all the time and beating yourself up for little mistakes
  • Feeling overwhelmed by day to day life
  • Losing your self-confidence and the ability to try new things
  • Wanting to avoid friends and family, but not wanting to be alone with your thoughts either
  • Thinking you’re not worth it and so dropping out of hobbies, exercising etc.
  • Feeling like your brain is in a fog, and you can’t think straight

Physical/Behavioural Symptoms

  • Difficulty concentrating on work/study
  • Withdrawing from close family and friends
  • Numbing your pain with alcohol, drugs, food or endless tv/scrolling
  • Eating a lot more, or less, than usual
  • Feeling tired no matter how much you sleep
  • Not leaving the house/bed unless you really have to
  • Not letting others know just how bad it is inside your head because you don’t want to burden them

If you recognise yourself in some or many of these symptoms, take the first step towards feeling good again by booking an in-person or online depression counselling session with one of Sage & Sound’s therapists.

Don’t wait until things get ‘really bad’ – problems are much easier to fix when you start early. Take care of yourself, and book in an appointment with one of Sage & Sound’s trained psychologists today.

Lana Hall

Author Lana Hall

Lana Hall is a Brisbane Psychologist at Sage & Sound in Woolloongabba. She is trained to provide proven psychological strategies and counselling that can help people effectively manage anxiety, depression, work stress, relationship problems and everything mental health. Lana is a published author and has been featured in HuffPost and Australian Women's Weekly.

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