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Goal Achievement With Ease

By February 26, 2021 No Comments
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If you’re like most people, you’ve done some reflection over the Christmas holidays. Made some plans. Set some goals, had some ideas, about how things will be different this year.

But would you like it to be truly different this year? Rather than the standard pattern of starting strong, getting tired, resting, do a bit more, forget for a while, try again, get distracted by life admin and work stress, and then can’t remember what goal you even set a few weeks after that?

Setting goals and not reaching them doesn’t just cost us the goal. There’s also the blow to your self-esteem. You generate feelings of guilt when you think about things you’ve left undone. You add a little bit of evidence to the idea that you’re not able to achieve what you want in life with every abandoned project.

This year, let’s sidestep those outcomes. Let’s get you consistently working on your goal.

Let’s have you achieve something that matters to you.

Let’s get you feeling proud, instead of guilty.

Let’s add to the evidence that you’re successful and can create what you want.

Watch the video on how to do it here or learn more below!

The very first thing you need to be successful in reaching your goal is to understand the concept of ‘active inspiration’. Active inspiration turns a goal into a success into an everyday habit.

Motivation theory considers ‘active inspiration’ to be a powerful motivator. This means that getting started, even if in a very small way, will lead to more motivation. For someone wishing to lose weight, active inspiration might start by simply putting on some sneakers. Active inspiration is all the small steps which help to build a natural momentum of motivation.

Active inspiration allows you to push past initial procrastination. With enough tiny ‘active inspirations’ there will be a point where it’s easier to change rather than stay the same. At this point, your mind will start weighing up the costs of change (time, effort, energy) vs the costs of staying the same. And when you believe there are more benefits to change, you will feel even more motivation!

Nearly all the mental friction in an activity is at the beginning, rather than after the process has started. It’s easier to finish a task than to start a new one. So one of the keys to motivation is taking an easy step, an ‘active inspiration’. Applying the mindset of active inspiration is an easy way to find yourself doing something you might have otherwise avoided, allowing motivation to begin to flow.

If you haven’t started your journey towards reaching your goal yet, what’s the smallest step you can take today?

And if you have already started, what’s the smallest step you have to complete in order to keep going with this habit? When your initial drive and motivation wears off, what’s the one thing that, if you do it, will flow into you completing the rest of the habit/s required to reach your goal?

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