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What Makes Sage & Sound therapists different?

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From any good psychologist or counsellor you can expect a caring therapist, with many years of training and experience, using a variety of treatment approaches, treating a range of problems. So how do you choose the right therapist for you?

Here’s what makes Sage & Sound psychologists and counsellors different.

Psychologists and Counsellors at Sage & Sound are strategies focussed.

Translation – we will give you new and different ways of dealing with your problems, not just talk about the problems. Most times, you’re going to walk out of the office with ideas and tools for change that you’ll practice in between sessions.

We’re all focussed on self-development ourselves.

Why? Because we believe psychological strategies can be useful to anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves, so why wouldn’t we use these to make our own lives more amazing? I don’t want to learn from someone who doesn’t have skin in the game, who doesn’t live and breathe what they’re teaching. And we don’t want you to either. We only hire psychologists and counsellors who practice what they preach.

We focus on technique and tools relating to Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Relationships and Self Development.

Sure, we can work with all types of problems, but we continually train in, and focus on, these five key areas. You get a higher level of expertise that way. Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Relationships and Self Development are the areas we love to work with most and help people with every day.

We’re friendly, real people.

We know a lot, but we avoid using long and complicated words to describe what we know (you may have already noticed this on the site!). We keep away from assessments and labels and focus on what’s not working for you and how to change that. And we love a good story or analogy in order to get an idea across!

We’re a small, relationships focussed team of therapists.

We respect each other, and we respect you. We don’t overload our therapists or our admin, and that means you get the timely, individual consideration you deserve, as well as a team member who has the space to individualise all your contact with us.

Do you think we offer the right approach for you? If yes, we’d love to meet you! Just click the book now button below and let’s get started on helping you reach your goals.

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Lana Hall

Author Lana Hall

Lana Hall is a Brisbane Psychologist at Sage & Sound in Woolloongabba. She is trained to provide proven psychological strategies and counselling that can help people effectively manage anxiety, depression, work stress, relationship problems and everything mental health. Lana is a published author and has been featured in HuffPost and Australian Women's Weekly.

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