Our Offering

At Sage & Sound, we believe everyone can benefit from psychological strategies.  Most of the troubles we have in life come from normal, understandable reactions to events and circumstances – reactions that get a little out of control at times.

If that sounds like you, our counsellors and psychologists in Brisbane are here to help.

If we can use our counselling sessions to help you to understand how your mind works, teach you how to limit the unhelpful stuff, and show you how to maximise your mind’s amazing potential, then we’ve done our job as therapists. Mental health maintenance really should be like going to get your car serviced. Regular check-ups keep small issues small, and your car running smoothly. Counselling  sessions with us work the same way, but replace car with ‘life’.

We start wherever you’re at, and work upwards from there.


We work well with people experiencing:

  • Low self esteem
  • Burnout
  • Relationship problems and couples counselling
  • Difficulty coping with changes (good & bad)
  • Desire to grow as a person and be your best self
    Self development, personal development plans, leadership training, self awareness, self confidence, self acceptance
  • Those who want to develop purpose and meaning in their lives
    Developing confidence and self esteem, developing self concept, self reliance, developing discipline and self control

Our Approach

Whether counselling, psychology or personal development, we approach sessions with seven guidelines in mind:


Comfort & ease. We want you to feel safe and comfortable when you visit us. Otherwise, how are we going to really chat?

Caring. We’re emotionally invested in seeing you succeed, it’s just who we are!

Quality. We give you psychological tools that are practical, research-based, and that work.

Motivation: We know that knowledge + action = true empowerment.

Creativity. We provide bespoke psychological support based on your needs.

Holistic. We know that your mind is not an island. We work with all aspects of mental health – the physical, emotional and cognitive parts.

Growth. The journey is never over. As new challenges arise, we continue to offer you tools to keep growing and improving.

Psychological Counselling

Psychological counselling sessions focus on reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions. Think insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress. You might be worrying a lot, lack motivation, feel overwhelmed and like you can’t cope. You might be snappy, irritable, feeling tired all the time. Feeling confused. Wanting to change – but not being able to. Using avoidance, food, or alcohol/drugs to numb out and cope.

Outcomes of counselling sessions can include:

  • Improved mood.
  • Feeling more relaxed and less overwhelmed.
  • Increased mental clarity (no more brain fog).
  • Understanding how your mind impacts your mood, emotions and physical body, and using that to your advantage!
  • Better tolerance for minor irritations and setbacks.
  • Calmer interactions with those around you.
  • Increased motivation and ability to reach goals.
  • Feeling less isolated and more connected to others.
  • Feeling more confident.

Personal Development

You don’t need to be unfit to hire a personal trainer, and you don’t need to wait until you’re struggling to improve your mindset.

Personal development coaching sessions focus on a goal you’ve been trying to reach without success on your own. We provide you with strategies, homework and the all important accountability to give you the edge, so you can glide through the obstacles that held you back before. Fear, lack of time and how to succeed without the support of others are all addressed in these sessions.

Outcomes of personal development coaching sessions can include:

  • Reaching goals you’ve struggled to reach in the past.
  • Improved relationships – more authenticity, more assertiveness, and a better ability to regulate emotional responses.
  • Becoming more efficient and effective in your work and personal life.
  • Becoming more present and mindful, less reactive and calmer.
  • Improving work/life/everything else balance.
  • Increasing your self confidence and motivation.
  • Discovering your purpose and passion in life, and putting that into action!

Corporate Health & Wellness

A happy staff member is a committed and motivated staff member, and our workplace wellness coaching workshops are totally worth the investment.

We offer workplace coaching workshops on topics such as:

  • Stress Management and Self-Care for Staff
  • Mental Health at Work
  • Dealing with difficult customers/clients
  • Improving Time Management and Productivity
  • Goal setting and Motivational Strategies

Presentations focus on practical tools your staff can start using right away to improve their clarity, focus, action taking and sense of wellbeing.

We also offer the opportunity to support your staff with access to individual counselling and coaching sessions through our WorkLife Balance program.

Please email hello@sageandsound.com.au for more information on booking your bespoke presentation, or for more information on providing individual psychological counselling or coaching sessions for your staff.


$132 per 55 minute Psychology/Counselling session with Naomi.

$176 per 55 minute Meditation Coaching Session with Tiffany.

$210 for first appointment with Lana, then $180 for subsequent sessions.

$270 for 90 mins of Relationship Counselling with Lana.

Please call us on 07 3184 0656 if you require more information about fees and payment.

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We offer both in-person sessions at our practice at 2/11 Logan Road, Woolloongabba or virtual sessions using Zoom.

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