Are you feeling anxiety in your relationship? Maybe you're exhausted by constant conflict? Or instead feeling shut down or totally distant from your partner? Online relationship & couples counselling can help you find your way back to each other using practical, proven psychological strategies.

Why couples counselling?

Your relationship with your intimate partner is one of the most important relationships in your life, so when things aren’t quite going right between you, it can turn life upside down. That’s why ‘we need to talk’ can be three of the most anxiety producing words in the English language!

You might find yourself constantly worrying, feeling distant from or anxious about your partner or you may be fighting a lot, ‘stuck in a rut’ you can’t seem to get out of.

Chances are that if the answer was already in your head (or theirs!), you both probably would have found it by now, which is why seeking out specialised help from a trained relationship counsellor or psychologist is so important.

Sage & Sound focusses on teaching you practical, actionable strategies for tackling the issues that are causing you to feel unhappy in your relationship. That way, you can start seeing results from your very first couples counselling session and build momentum together from there.


Warning signs you may need relationship counselling

Considering couples counselling, but not sure it’s right for you? Here’s some of the warning signs that your relationship could benefit from our help:

  • Feeling like you’re walking on eggshells around your partner
  • You keep having the same arguments over and over again with no resolution
  • Your friends know way more about you than your partner does
  • You feel more like siblings than lovers
  • Your time together has lots of awkward silences and mis-communications
  • You’re avoiding spending time one on one with your partner
  • You just don’t feel connected to your partner anymore
  • You know the relationship has problems, but are too scared to bring them up

Relationship counselling is also used by couples who feel they have a strong foundation but would like to strengthen their relationship even more.

What does relationship & couples counselling involve?

Talking about the difficulties in your relationship, and goals for the relationship. As part of each session, you can learn to:

  • Approach and negotiate conflict safely and calmly
  • Create new habits and rituals to build friendship and intimacy
  • Recognise and affirm your strengths and compatibility as a couple
  • Rediscover the bond and trust that brought you together in the first place
  • Make dreams and plans for the future together
  • Change old communication patterns into deep, heart-centred connections
  • Communicate effectively, not just with your partner, but all the way from the bedroom to the boardroom
  • Experience enjoying going out together again, knowing you can rely on your partner’s support at family/social/work functions
  • Find ways to present a united front when parenting

Lana’s online relationship counselling is based on the Gottman Method, along with other techniques that might be relevant from Personal Development, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology, to give you an experience perfectly tailored to your unique needs.

Sessions are online using a secure video platform.

Happy couple after counselling

Can I attend alone if my partner isn't able to?

It’s not actually necessary for both people in the relationship to attend couples counselling!

If only one of you is willing to come to counselling sessions, we can still teach you new ways to communicate, learn how to minimise your own anxiety within the relationship, work on ways to strengthen the existing connection between the two of you, and change your own responses in conflict situations.

All of these strategies can increase your feelings of satisfaction and connectedness within the relationship without needing the presence of your partner at sessions.

Solo couples therapy can also be used to work through questions such as ‘are they really the one?’ by teaching you what predicts relationship success, and helping you apply this knowledge to your own relationship.

Looking for a couple of quick tips and tricks to start improving your relationship today? Read our blog on improving your relationship using the ‘5:1 rule’.

Not in a relationship but would like to be?

We can help you work on your communication skills and other relationship building skills as part of our personal development sessions.

Learn more about these sessions here.

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