A Psychologist’s Guide to Living Your Life with Meaning, Authenticity and Joy.

What is The Slow Life Project program?

Life can be fast, exhausting, crowded and overwhelming.

The Slow Life Project is a manual for living your life with purpose and direction – a gentle guide for cutting through the noise, prioritising your goals and managing your time.

The Slow Life Project program helps you develop a unique life map to guide you towards the most satisfying, fulfilling and meaningful life that you can lead, now and in the future.

What happens in The Slow Life Project Program?

During your time in The Slow Life Project Program, you’ll focus on practical, action driven goals that are tailored to your life and your values, with a high level of accountability and support. You’ll work through a structured program learning about topics such as finding and living by your values, how to practise assertiveness, and ways to process your emotions, easily and quickly.

You’ll have strategies to grow and change right from your very first self development session.

You can save yourself from the stress, indecision and sleepless nights that can occur when you go it alone, and instead learn tools that will fast track you to be the confident and calm partner, parent and businessperson you want to be.

The Slow Life Project sessions show you how to take tools that build resilience, self-confidence and action-taking, and apply these to your problems, decisions and challenges. This will help you reach your goals and live your life as the best version of you.

The Slow Life Project exercises inspire confidence and results. The techniques and strategies are backed by what’s been shown to work from cognitive, behavioural, relationship-focussed, and positive psychology research. The framework also aligns with current coaching trends and philosophies.

Being part of The Slow Life Project Program will help you to navigate confidently through your challenges, maximise your joy, minimise your stress, and reach your goals.


How The Slow Life Project Program personal development sessions can help you:

Improve balance in your life

Feeling overwhelmed and like you’re always playing catch up? Discover how to prioritise your day to day activities to minimise stress and maximise joy.

Develop purpose, meaning and drive

Discover how knowing your values and acting on them will give you purpose, clarity, meaning, and a great sense of satisfaction with your life.

Build emotional intelligence and resilience

If you’re great at empathising with others, but harsh on yourself, then our self-compassion strategies and ‘how to learn from failure’ exercise will allow you to change that. Self-compassionate people learn and grow fastest, so changing the relationship with yourself also improves your performance on challenges in general.

Kristen Neff’s Self-Compassion test can help you identify if you’re low in self-compassion.

Harness the power of your mind

Do you know the full power of your mind? It can be your most powerful tool, or your worst enemy!

During your The Slow Life Project program self development sessions, your therapist will listen out for your limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back.  Your therapist will teach you how to change the thoughts, so you’re not holding yourself back with an unhelpful mindset.

The result: more optimistic, abundant narratives about your life and your future, and the full power of your mind directed to achieving your dreams and goals.
Check out examples of common blind spots here.

Increase motivation

Learn how top performing executives and athletes keep themselves focussed and disciplined and apply their secrets to super charge every minute of your day. Take a peek at one easy way to increase your motivation here.

Make better decisions personally and professionally

Making confident decisions quickly is a valuable life skill. Use your sessions to learn how to use  guidelines to take the guesswork out of decision making and make the right choice for you. For a taste of what we offer in this area, have a look at our decision making article here.

Self-development benefits from completing
The Slow Life Project

Committing to working on yourself is a brave choice that brings great rewards as a result.
Some of the benefits you might see once you take the leap include:

  • More energy and time for what really lights you up in life, even as you achieve more when you’re working
  • A sense of purpose and meaning guiding you through your life
  • Confident and quick decision-making ability
  • Having the courage to try new things and take chances
  • The drive to go after, and reach, your most cherished goals and dreams
  • Easier and deeper connections in all your relationships
  • Increased compassion towards others and yourself
  • A sense of optimism, discovery and joy as you move through the adventure of life!

Don’t put these benefits off any longer. Get started on taking charge and making the most of the rest of your life.

Join The Slow Life Project today!

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