At Sage & Sound, our supportive, professional Brisbane therapists provide psychological counselling and practical strategies to help you start feeling better quickly.

Our team use individualised assessment and treatment strategies that can help if you’re…

  • Feeling overwhelmed some or most of the time
  • Waking up anxious or feeling anxious for no reason
  • Struggling with social anxiety or anxiety in your relationships
  • Having difficulties with health anxiety, body image concerns, or emotional eating
  • Experiencing work stress or worried about burnout
  • Having relationship issues related to excessively high standards or a need to be perfect
  • Interested in personal development, being your best self and positive psychology

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About our Brisbane counselling and psychology services

Since 2018, Sage & Sound has been providing professional and supportive psychology and counselling services from their welcoming practice in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

Psychologist Lana Hall started Sage & Sound to offer a blend of evidence-based psychology with self-development techniques. She loves working with people seeking to become better versions of themselves, as well as those with mental health concerns.

The team at Sage & Sound focus on giving you practical, proactive mindset tools you can use to protect your mental health and improve your resilience, as well as supporting you during a crisis. Our psychologists and counsellors use effective, research-backed methods, so you can trust the guidance you’re given.

We can help if you’re already experiencing conditions like anxiety, depression, stress and burnout.

Lana and the team also focus on prevention, helping you to avoid the time, money and energy costs of repairing and retraining deeper habits – which can take years of therapy.

Importantly, the strategies we provide help to maximise your self-assurance, self-esteem and contentment. You’ll learn how to confidently make decisions, manage anxieties, and improve your mood, motivation and enjoyment of life.

At Sage & Sound, we’ll teach you the tools we use to keep our own mental wellbeing in tip-top shape – and walk the path with you. Our team know these strategies work. Lana used them to write her book and start her psychology business. She only hires psychologists and counsellors with a similar philosophy and therapy approach – and who practice what they preach!

We’re passionate to show you the changes these tools can quickly bring about and the benefits they can lead to long term. We can’t wait to meet you and get started!


Our Brisbane counselling and psychology services

Psychological Counselling

Psychological counselling sessions focus on reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions – think insomnia, anxiety, depression, and stress – as well as helping you cope with change, grief, and loss – and explore the reasons why you’re not coping.

Psychological counselling may help if you:

  • worry a lot, lack motivation, or feel like you’re overwhelmed and can’t cope
  • are going through major life changes and need emotional support
  • have lost someone or something of great importance to you
  • are snappy, irritable, or feel tired all the time
  • feel confused and don’t know where to start
  • want to change but haven’t been able to on your own
  • use avoidance, food, or alcohol/drugs and need new coping skills.

Counselling sessions with our Brisbane psychologists can help you to:

  • understand how your mind impacts your mood, emotions and body, and use that to your advantage
  • experience increased mental clarity (no more brain fog!)
  • gain stronger motivation and ability to reach your goals
  • gain freedom from overwhelm and feel more relaxed
  • better tolerate minor irritations and setbacks
  • feel less isolated and more connected to others
  • enjoy a more positive and stable mood
  • interact calmly with those around you
  • feel more confident.

Personal Development

You don’t need to be unfit to hire a personal trainer. Likewise, you don’t need to be struggling to work on your mindset!

Personal development coaching sessions focus on a goal you’ve been unsuccessful reaching alone. In these sessions, we explore obstacles to your success – like fear, lack of time and lack of support from others. The strategies, homework and accountability we give you provide an edge that helps you glide through challenges that held you back before.

Personal development may help if you:

  • have goals you’d like to reach that you haven’t been able to achieve alone
  • would like to enjoy better relationships – with greater authenticity, assertiveness, and improved ability to regulate your emotional responses
  • want to become more efficient and effective in your work and personal life

Personal development can help you to:

  • overcome reactivity and become more present, calm and mindful
  • achieve better work/life/everything else balance
  • experience greater self-confidence and motivation
  • discover your purpose and passion in life and put it into action!

Counselling services Brisbane – our approach

Whether counselling, psychology or personal development, we approach sessions with seven guidelines in mind:

You’re not alone. We’re in this together. You are normal, you are human. So are we.

We’re emotionally invested in seeing you succeed – it’s just who we are!

We give you practical, research-based psychological tools that work.

We know knowledge + action = true empowerment.

We provide bespoke psychological support based on your needs.

Your mind is not an island. We work with all aspects of mental health – physical, emotional and cognitive.

Everyone can change. You can become who you want to be. The journey never ends.

Fees for our Brisbane counselling sessions

If you have a current GP referral and Mental Health Care Plan, you’ll be eligible for the Medicare rebate. This is currently $89.65 per session and can be processed after each appointment.

Please note that Medicare rebates are only available for those with a diagnosable mental health condition (e.g. anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, adjustment disorders etc). If you’re unsure, please discuss this with your doctor, or your psychologist at your first appointment.

Therapist First appointment (55 mins) Subsequent session  (55 mins) Saturday session
Roda (student) $33 (no Medicare applies) $33 (no Medicare applies) NA
Lana $250 $220 NA
Ghassani $210 $180 $230 first/$200 subsequent

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