Struggle with feeling down and tired all the time?
Wondering what’s the point or feel like it’s all too hard?
Lana's online depression counselling can help.

How online depression counselling can help you manage your symptoms

The biggest challenge with depression is beginning your road to recovery, because depression’s symptoms make it difficult to seek help.

But once you begin, you’ll start to see real, lasting changes.

Lana’s online depression counselling will help you understand how depression takes hold and teach you to break out of these patterns – until you feel like your old self again (or even a better version of yourself!).

You’ll learn:

  • Techniques to overcome a lack of motivation
  • How to challenge and move beyond self-critical thinking
  • How to answer the question ‘what’s the point?’ so you can move forward with life
  • Practical daily activities to boost your mental health and wellbeing
  • How to set and accomplish achievable and meaningful goals.

You’ll gain practical and solutions-focussed strategies for managing depression, helping to prevent symptoms from taking hold in future.

Get started on your road out of depression today!


Online depression counselling

Have you lost enthusiasm for the things you used to enjoy?
Lack energy and feel tired all the time?
Feel sad or cry for no reason?
You may be struggling with depression.
Try Lana's practical strategies to get you feeling good again.

What is depression? Psychologist Lana Hall explains.

Depression is much more than just feeling ‘sad’. Depression affects your energy, confidence, and ability to enjoy things that used to make you happy. Left untreated, depression can damage your relationships, work, and enjoyment and engagement with life.

When you’re down, lacking motivation, and even think you’re not ‘worth it’, getting better is often very challenging without help from a professional.

If you think you may be struggling with depression, try out online depression counselling with Lana Hall. Lana provides depression treatment using practical, evidence-based psychology and counselling approaches.

Learn more about the common symptoms of depression and the types of depression here

Ready to start learning to manage depression? Try out online depression counselling which is evidence based, including CBT and ACT approaches.

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